April 28, 2008

Cowardly Lion

This is my Cowardly lion from wizard oz.

April 23, 2008

CE # 16: Fairy Tales Re-Imagined (to 05/16)

Take it & re-imagine a fairy tale character, story, location, etc. any way you want. Could be totally gnarly & graphic, story re-envisioned, in the style of another artist, or maybe a fairy tale from another country/culture. We'll switch it up on... 05/16.

Very cool Atlantis stuff btw.

April 21, 2008


Hey Guys, sorry this one is late but hey, we're not in in school anymore whoo!. But man o man, this took me back to tidepool with this topic. Can U guys tell I used a unifying purple glaze? haha. I'll eventually finish it, maybe even add a submarine or something to put a story into this piece but right now this is what I envisioned Atlantis to look like.

April 20, 2008

Late from Atlantis

Catching a wave in from Bimini Road to defend Atlantis. This novice archer maintains total concentration in a battle. She hopes to someday bedazzle her war glove in the spirit of her more experienced counterparts. Sorry its late, I guess some things never change

April 19, 2008


April 15, 2008


little atlantis man, very high strung.

April 5, 2008