September 28, 2007

El Hefe

It's Miller time!

September 25, 2007

Number Two

-did this awhile ago too kill sometime...guess who it is. it don't look like him but he's allergic to a broad named "MJ"-


This is my little Red Riding Hood, I'm trying a different style this time, and it really enjoy it, it's not too overdone and I may even keep drawing this character to see what it would look like it if was animated.

Well, my current project has become more of a lesson in color and lighting instead of it's intended environment modeling challenge. If it looks familiar it's because I'm using Lauren Reeser's donut shop exercise for concept (with her consent, of course!). I've gotta put this on hold for a bit while I move, so I thought I'd get some fresh eyes to help me contemplate my next move. The textures are still in an early pass, so any feedback concerning the lighting and mood would be absoludicrously marvelous.

September 24, 2007

Picking flowers for his lovlies

the blues fighter

A future martial arts blockbuster starring the voices of Samuel L. Jackson and Mr. T!

Coming summer 2009

September 22, 2007


Lucky #7. Hi guys, we're at our 7 round of topics and things are still looking great. Really glad to see the contributions from you guys. I think these next two exercises should be pretty fun, so if there's nothing else here are the topics for the next 3 weeks (ends Oct. 12):

Pick a color, any color, and design a character or prop based on your choice. Use one color as your basic motif, and build off of that and see where it goes. Feel free to use other colors in the design, but the character or prop should reflect just one.

Draw, paint, animate, or 3D model a caricature of any one you want: living or dead, someone famous or a close friend. If its someone we may not be familiar with, include a pic!

That's it for now. Enjoy the rainy weather...

September 21, 2007


When I think of flight I associated with fear or fantasy. Actually being on a plane (which I did a lot of last week) causes anxiety in me. I also have the occasional dream of having the power of flight in the way the superheroes in my comics do. I love those dreams. Sometimes I have a lot of control over my maneuvering, other times I'm just learning. In this image I tried to depict flight as a metaphor for power, strength, & wonder. Beyond that, this is my riff at an Alex Ross or Bruce Timm interpretation of superheroes in flight. It was fun, it was quick. Happy to be posting again.


Weapon Design

Here is a weapon design I have been modeling in Maya. I wanted the main weapon to have multiple parts that could also be used as weapons on their own, if the main weapon no longer had ammo. The parts of the weapon are not only functional on their own but also work together as a whole. Here are some variations with the different pieces attatched. The gun consists of a double chamber revolver with blade end handle. It also has a sword up above and a knife below to be used for slicing. The knife below can also be used for hand support. They can each be removed and used seperately as well. The weapon also has a laser site and a telescope sight. It is a work in progress. I have to fix some geometry, do the uv layout and then on to texturing.

September 17, 2007

Monster of War

Once used for cutting down trees for a local paper mill is now a fined tuned killing machine. A favorite of animators all over.

Paraffin Wings

This is based on Icarus and his mishap with the sun.

September 7, 2007


I was watching the Rocketeer the other day and it got me pumped up about guys flying around with jet packs. This is my "aeroman" shooting down some nazi planes, because that's what all hero's from the 30's and 40's seem to do, and it's never uncool to blast on some nazis. I added some rough color and messed around with the filters in photoshop to make it look like some old film/newsreel.

September 4, 2007

I thought this photo taken my dad at the beach is a good image for "Flight" may it inspire your drawings.

Exercise 06: Design a Weapon & "Flight"

Hope you guys and gals had a great labor day weekend. Hopefully you had enough BBQ to refuel your creation engines.

The topics for the following weeks are as follows:

Ends 9/21/2007

Topic 1

Design a weapon for an original character. Focus on the weapon but also keep in mind the character and how it fits him/her/creature. Any type of weapon, any time period, any genre. You can also design the character as well or just describe the character that fits the weapon.

Topic 2

Word: "Flight"

Who hasn't dreamed about soaring above the clouds or taking off into the sky. We have all had a dream about flying whether it was a great experience or a fearful one. Depict what the word "Flight" means to you. Depict "Flight" in any incarnation that you wish. The skies the limit.

Have fun and take care.