November 27, 2007


Why not kill two birds with one stone??

November 26, 2007

#10 BARBARIANS / fairies ... ('til 12/14)

sorry for the late post, just waking up from my turkeyday coma. anyhow, you know the drill... something for everyone:

1. Barbarian
2. Fairy

have fun guys.

More farmlove!

Here's a sketch that I did on tday. I know i'm late, but it's still a hybrid. PILKEY or a Turgrimm?

November 23, 2007

More Farm Love ...

Flying pigs ... ?

threw this together to keep from passing out after turkey. I spent absolutely zero time thinking about this, and just had some fun drawing again for a change. Let's see if anyone besides Sophorn gets the reference....

"TEEN" Justice League

Kind of a no-brainer for me. Couldn't resist. My re-imagining of the "Superfriends" ....

A Teen Justice League. 3 young, rookie heroes, Superman, The Batman, and WonderWoman, have come together to make the world a better place while balancing school, teenage angst, and raging hormones. We've got:

Superman: The most powerful being on the planet, but is he just shy, awkward dork Clark Kent underneath the cape?

The Batman: Impulsive, untrusting, somewhat of a loner. Bruce Wayne is just starting out as The Batman and is realizing he's got a lot to learn.

WonderWoman: Princess Diana from Paradise Island... Optimistic, trusting, but naive to the way's of "man's world." She'll soon discover's that the rest of the world is no paradise.

Was originally trying to do a ROBOTECH redesign, but strayed from it and came up with this.... Hope you like.

November 19, 2007


Hey Guys! I don't know which of you remember this show, but if you do, remember when you watched this show and a new nintendo would come out or a new accessory, and then you would think to yourself "what if Captain N had that". Well here he is ready to take on Video Land with some tasty upgrades. A larger Zapper, Superscope (cannon), POWERGLOVE, DS belt buckle and the Wii nunchuck to take on the villians of Video Land.

FarM LoVe

November 18, 2007

November 17, 2007

Ghost Busters

Stay Puft. I am going on vacation...didn't have enough time to finish it. Bye bye.

November 8, 2007

Z-brush artist to visit SJSU?

So I'm currently trying to work out plans get Z-brush artist to do a demo at SJSU. How many of you would show up for a lecture/sales pitch? This might help SJSU get the software at a deeply discounted price... Email me if your interested.

G.I.JOE 25th Anniversary Storm Shadow Model

Here is a model I am currently working on, Cobra Storm Shadow. I was inspired by the new 25th Anniversary G.I.JOE action figures that were released this year. I loved the cartoon back in the 80's and of course the action figures. This is my tribute to the great G.I.JOE series and toys. It is a work in progress. I am done with the base model and currently working on on UV mapping. I plan on taking it into mudbox for the detailing and of course texture.

November 5, 2007

(bump...) No. 9: Hybrids & The Old School... (ends 11/23)

Greetings all... Hope you had a fun & safe Happy Halloween. Nice to see a wide range of stuff from silly to creepy, traditional & 3D during our Haunted post. Great job, and the stuff continues to impress and inspire. With that said, we're going in a different direction. We're taking it back - waaay back to Littlekidville and a nod to Mr. Napoleon Dynamite himself. This round's Creation Exercises are:

1) HYBRIDS: Merge any two, three, four... creatures/things/animal/vegetable/mineral you want and create a hybrid of some sort. Leaving it wide open (as usual, ha!) for you to create some sort of hybrid be it man, machine, or both. Let your imagination go wild....

2) CARTOON! CARTOON! Remember that show/shows you used to race home to watch everyday after school? This is your chance to pay homage/tribute to those friends of ours from the old days. Take any Cartoon show you want and Re-Imagine or Re-Visit them in whatever form you want. Update 'em or give them the Star treatment anything goes.

That's it. Can't wait to see what develops. Have fun guys & gals...

p.s. Now Jehan runs with the pack... sorry for the bump.

November 3, 2007


my scenester zombie drawing.

my ugly zombie painting.

November 2, 2007

Mr. Bubbles

Here is a horror-esque piece based on a vampire dream I had as a young boy.

Cue the soundtrack, its BAY HUNCH!

The hunch decided to leave the tower and head to California. One day at the beach, he saw a lady caught in a rip-tide. He immediately jumped in the water to save her, and as it turned out, his hump was rather boyant! He saw his true calling, and since that day, he's devoted his life to helping people enjoy their time in the water. He teamed up with Hasselhof and crew, as they make him feel less disfigured with their un-natural bumps and bulges.