November 5, 2007

(bump...) No. 9: Hybrids & The Old School... (ends 11/23)

Greetings all... Hope you had a fun & safe Happy Halloween. Nice to see a wide range of stuff from silly to creepy, traditional & 3D during our Haunted post. Great job, and the stuff continues to impress and inspire. With that said, we're going in a different direction. We're taking it back - waaay back to Littlekidville and a nod to Mr. Napoleon Dynamite himself. This round's Creation Exercises are:

1) HYBRIDS: Merge any two, three, four... creatures/things/animal/vegetable/mineral you want and create a hybrid of some sort. Leaving it wide open (as usual, ha!) for you to create some sort of hybrid be it man, machine, or both. Let your imagination go wild....

2) CARTOON! CARTOON! Remember that show/shows you used to race home to watch everyday after school? This is your chance to pay homage/tribute to those friends of ours from the old days. Take any Cartoon show you want and Re-Imagine or Re-Visit them in whatever form you want. Update 'em or give them the Star treatment anything goes.

That's it. Can't wait to see what develops. Have fun guys & gals...

p.s. Now Jehan runs with the pack... sorry for the bump.

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