June 30, 2007

Exercise 03: Transformers!!!, Chase Scene!!!

Thank you so much for participating/contributing to the Creation Engines blog. I hope you guys are having fun and getting inspired. All the artwork is amazing!!!

Here are the Exercises for the next two weeks. (Ends 7/13/2007)

1. Tranformers: Design an Original Transformer
a. Based on your own vehicle (Include picture of your car if you like with your drawing)
b. Completely original design (Your favorite car, animal, object, etc.)

2. Chase Scene: Thanks to Rebecca S. Boensch for the exercise idea:

"I think we should create some sort of chase scene. this idea was inspired by my latest desktop image- there's this cute lil inuit chick on an old scooter pursued by a pack of angry mechanical apes. intriguing, i know... anyway, we could use characters from past subjects, for ex- your superhero hiding from a group of adoring fans. or maybe design a new character; simply a kid running away from home. what kind of twist can we put on the old cat and mouse?"

Keep up the Awesome work everyone!!!

Live Free or Die Hard...

June 29, 2007

Wild west, east, south and north

Here are 3 more from me.

Here is the story for the first one. The humans didn’t see it coming, they were content in the knowledge that humans flight had preceded Buffalo flight by almost half a century, Buffalo wings having been invented in 1963. Now the Buffalo have learned the art of space travel and want control of it all. So the humans did what anyone would do in such a situation, they cloned John Wayne to handle it. And the other two, alien rodeo and aliens about to rob a spacetrain traveling along a beam of photons. Pretty self explanatory.

I too have a story behind mine. I got the first chance to use my newly bought tablet on these images (Just the coloring, not the actual drawings, my hand is too uncoordinated for that yet.) and it made a huge impact on me. It was during these drawings that I realized I might enjoy drawing with a tablet….. Alright, sure this story is not as touching or exotic as Nelson Hernandez’s Russian story, and arguably I have only used the most rudimentary of the tablet’s possibilities, but true none the less.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Lair)

Hey... Okay, one more post for me this time around. I decided to create a "Secret Hideout" for my hero, The Unknown Soldier. This is his lair which is called "The Tomb." In a post WW4 world, the current bearer of the the title of The Unknown Soldier has set himself up in the abandoned National Armory of a former Eastern European Country. This is his virtual "fortress of solitude" where he goes to recuperate. Inside the Armory are relecs of weoponry/vehicles/armor used in warfare from all of humankind's conflicts. The Unknown Soldier is right at home among the relics.

The idea of the Armory as a base of operations seemed pretty natural for my character. When I was in high school, i was part of a student exchange program and was able to visit Russia as a sophomore. The National Armory in Moscow made a big impression on me because of all the armor, weoponry, costumes, chariots, you name it housed inside the building. I was really lucky to go on that trip and it made a huge impact on me. It was also during this trip that I decided I wanted to become an artist. I guess this is my tribute to that time in my life...

Decided to add a foreground element with the chain link fence. Wanted to do it initially, but I guess I wanted to get my weekend started earlier. I think the chainlinks need a little "snow." I'll probably keep noodlin' with it from time to time. Anyhow, I think it adds a much needed foreground separation and immediately adds the voyeuristic element to the piece. Yeah, that's it... Enjoy.

Job Opening.

Karl just told me there is a job opening at his current place. It is in LA if anyone is interested.


June 28, 2007

Line Breaker (Space Trooper) & Spacecraft

Hey Guys! Alright I finally colored the Linebreaker. Now he's ready to crack some skulls in the frontline. Here's a spaceship design I've been workin on also. I wish I was more confident in my graphic design. Cause then I would design an emblem or something to put on that "empty looking" side of the ship. OH WELL! Hope to get crackin on the next project woot woot!

Late in the Game

Here is my attempt at a space cowboy. I think he's pissed because there aren't a whole hell of a lot of cows in space.

Space Cowboys V.S. Alien savages or Find YOUR cowboy/girl!

June 27, 2007

Exercise Two: 48:22:25, 24, 23... the end.

Hey Guys,

The end is near for exercise 2... I'm working on another piece, and anyone else get those Cow-Pokes, Rockets, Hide-Outs in so we can drool. Anyhow, the next exercise (s) will be up on Friday... and its a good one!!! We got a suggestion that is really fun, and can't wait to see what comes out of it.

Take care... Sharpen those pencils...

June 26, 2007


Here's the finished space cowboy! She, however, doesn't have much of a story. Perhaps I'll draw a different version of her (not cute style) one of these days. By the way, I'm loving everyone's cowboys! :)

spaceship 02

Not much to it, just a space ship with a big gun to blast aliens in outer space.

WUT UP!!!!!

Hey guys. here is my space cowboy that I cant help but make similar to Han Solo. Cuz he is the OG Space Cowboy.


June 24, 2007


Figured people might start thinking I’m a waste of an invite and just trying to ride the success of the amazing work on this blog, so I decided to take a few minutes and draw something for my first post. Been real busy these last 2 weeks but rest assured, I am working on some more stuff for this challenge. And again, a lot of amazing and diverse stuff, guys(and gals)!.

June 22, 2007

COW G.I.R.L. & MECH-Bull


Just an idea I had floating around in my head. Wanted to see if I could make a cute girl with appeal. Also gave myself a deadline of 6hrs to paint it. Enough for now, maybe I'll write out a story later. So, introducing Cow G.I.R.L. & MECH-Bull.

Not crazy about the color of the Bull... Thinking he should be darker. I think I will rework him as my "space ship/ UFO" part of the exercise.

June 21, 2007

4th of JuLY: Party.

Our homeboy Niño wants me to spread the word about the 4th of July Party in Santa Cruz. Hopefully none of you are asking, who's Niño... Anyhow, he's asked me to spread the word about the party and he wants you & all of your friends there. Get there after 1pm... Its at the beach, so be discreet/creatively discreet about B.Y.O.B... He wants this thing to be huge.. so bring yourself and a friend. Here's the address, look it up. 4th of July...

Lakes State Beach, 2700 E Cliff Dr, Uninc Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz, California


Exercise 02: Space Cowboy, UFO, (Lair)

For any "jonny-Come Latelys"...

Here are the subjects for the next two week period (through 06/29): Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Enjoy!

1. design a "SPACE COWBOY"
2. create a U.F.O or SPACESHIP: any time period, culture, genre etc. It can be futuristic, vintage or anything in between.
3. make an ENVIRONMENT for either your Super hero or Sea Creature.

a quickie doodle do done drunk of a drunk...

Hi...this cowdude, in the same pose as my earlier post, just got off the loca bus de rocket and is heading to work. He's kind of the spaghetti western type sans big cool shades. Nelson is right, he doesn't look like a space cowboy. Well, I guess that means more drawing and a thinkin' !


i think we should create some sort of chase scene. this idea was inspired by my latest desktop image- there's this cute lil inuit chick on an old scooter pursued by a pack of angry mechanical apes. intriguing, i know... anyway, we could use characters from past subjects, for ex- your superhero hiding from a group of adoring fans. or maybe design a new character; simply a kid running away from home. what kind of twist can we put on the old cat and mouse?? just a thought ;)

Alien hicks

June 20, 2007

Space Cowgirl Crusader

Hello y'al, here are some sketches of spacegirl. The top sketch is a female space crusader, she travels galaxies stealing stuff, and sometimes finds herself in trouble. She packs her treasures in her backpack. The other are just drawings of a female fighter who lives in space, no story..sorry.

Girls look better in cowboy hats.

intergalactic badass

SPACE COWBOY - err, umm- girl...

Howdy y'all. Oops, guess I can get out of character now... Um, hey, just wanted to say thanks for the invite. Love seeing the work posted here!

Hmmm, what can I say about this painting... There just aren't enough cowgirls in space... Hah. Umm, oh yeah, I posted some screenshots of my thought process if you're at all interested - sugar booger shenanigans


I have an idea for another round of posts. Palmer and I were talking about drawing pictures of someone based just on their voice. For example, take your favorite radio DJ and try to imagine what s/he looks like. We could even do it with other sounds, not just voices. Maybe an unknown animal sound, and try to make up an animal based on the sound. Maybe we could all link to the same sound so that we can see everyone's interpretation of the same sound. This kind of stuff isn't unheard of in the industry. Many times character designs are based off of an actor's voice. Just a thought, I think we could get really creative with it.

Gamma Quadrant 2

Dash Cavalier - Dash is a brazen, headstrong space cowboy whose righteousness knows no bounds. Either do right by the law or get out of Gamma Quadrant 2. However, Dash's intentions are greater than his ability to realize those intentions. This is due to his one true weakness: pride. It is pride which clouds his mind and lets enemies gain advantage over him. Luckily, a chance meeting at the local Hometown Buffet put him in contact with a certain Chalmers Butterfield.

Chalmers Butterfield - You may be thinking Chalmers Butterfield...the mid-century photographer? No, not that Chalmers Butterfield. This Chalmers Butterfield comes from a race of turban wearing space monkeys, whose goal in life is to bring good upon the Universe. They are humble to a fault and will take no credit for being a hero. Chalmers Butterfield helps Dash beat the wrongdoers of the Universe, although Dash is unwilling to accept that a monkey is saving his butt day in and day out. Without Chalmers Butterfield, Dash would not be able to beat his greatest nemesis, Vincent Billingsley.

Vincent Billingsley - Vincent was born into a wealthy family who provided for all he could ever want...except love. Because of this, Vincent never understood real love, and displaced these feelings and desires towards material posessions and wealth. And so, Vincent grew to be a shrewd and calculating businessman who is always looking to profit through any means necessary. No amount of wealth will ever be enough to fill the void in his heart.

June 19, 2007

Space CowBui

Sheesh, 43 posts in the month of June...Nice.

Anyways, my cowboy wears an old astronaut uniform as a poncho. And apparently, he fights space monsters with incredible underbites.

When I was drawing this, I was thinking of “Thank You for Smoking.” If you seen it, Nick Naylor (who advocates smoking) talks to a Hollywood producer to develop a film that takes place in space where Brad Pitt smokes after a night of ravishing Catherine Zeta Jones. And Naylor questions how they would be able to smoke in an all oxygen environment. Well, thank goodness in my ideal world, space doesn’t exist. ZOMG!

4th of July Party: Santa Cruz

Hey Dudes,

Got word from our good friend Nino that we and our friends are all invited to a 4th of July beach party @ Santa Cruz... Don't have all the details about where exactly but I will let you know...


Exercise 02: Space Cowboy, UFO, (Lair): Exercise 02

Here are the subjects for the next two week period (through 06/29): Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Enjoy!

1. design a "SPACE COWBOY"
2. create a U.F.O or SPACESHIP: any time period, culture, genre etc. It can be futuristic, vintage or anything in between.
3. make an ENVIRONMENT for either your Super hero or Sea Creature.

Line Breaker (Space Trooper)

Hey Guys! Finally I'm able to do some drawing. This is a "line breaker" space trooper. So the biggest and the buffest (like me) uses these huge guns and weilds it also like a huge sword to break through the first line of defenses agains an army. (The butt end of the gun can also be used as a ramming device). I hope to color this bad boy very soon.

Space Cowboy



hey guys,

this is not a respond to the challenge, but a suggestion for a future one. what about your favorite athlete? sports team? or do all art majors just draw? haha. here's mine...


In trying to resolve the previous space cowboy design, I got stuck and took a break to doodle whatever came to my head, and it was this guy. Not the most original design but i showed it to my mom and she LOVED IT...she also added that i was the most handsomest guy in school.

Progress on Space Cowboy

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well :). Here's just a progress/sketch of the Space Cowboy assignment.

I need to either go to Borders or search the web for more reference on spacecrafts to refine the structure and plate overlaps. I also want to put some cowboy art/designs on her boots and gloves, but done in a "futuristic" way. Inking and coloring is soon to come! Vehicle was inspired by Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back vehicle thingamabobs, huge hairdryer from Spaceballs, and some Serenity spacecraft references.

Any suggestions or comments are apprectiated :). I look forward to seeing all those cowboys!

Gunleg McGee (working title)

"Grindhouse aside", I thought it would be cool for this character to be able to grab his leg and shoot some ass with it. I was looking at a russian model smith and wesson and some french revolver for parts of the gun. I thought it would also be totally rad for the revolver chamber area to take the place of the knee and serve as a joint for the leg. I have not fully resolved the mechanics of how the leg would transition into a the handgun positioned comfortably in his hand, but in my mind i can see it working. Balls.

June 18, 2007

June 17, 2007

hurray for father's day

Woody Lightyear

...an original creation, like Rickey Rouse, or Monald Muck.

June 15, 2007

one more hero: The Unknown Soldier -- nelly

The Unknown Soldier is the physical manifestation of all unidentified fallen soldiers from all the wars in history. He is represented by the Eternal Flame. Throughout time the fallen soldier has taken many different forms and appearances. He is a legend; he represents those soldiers that are forgotten as well as the innocent victims of war. Taking a bullet from a weapon from the unknown soldier is said to condemn the victim to a never ending purgatory if your soul is deemed unworthy. By contrast, a pure soul dies a quick, painless death and everlasting peace.

Banoni the Water Fearing Merman

Known to members of his indigenous Merfolk community as "The Bastard of Sea and Land", Banoni the Water Fearing Merman dares not venture into the open ocean without his trusty life-boat and a host of personal flotation devices to keep him safe from the dreaded water. Moreover, his absent legs keep him near the shoreline when on land, usually begging change from those would linger near his grotesque form. Back on the sea he dares not touch, he lives his pitiful life in a prison of a fear induced semi -aquatic limbo.

Poor Banoni...

3.5 hours to create

Wild Sushi and More!

Instead of drawing underwater creatures, I went scuba diving and brought along my underwater polaroid camera. I went in search of the real rarities, things you don't see in science journals, encyclopaedias, or any other kind of reputable source. Here's a list:

1. Whuppy - You might think whales are easy to spot, but not when they're the size of guppies! A Whuppy is a cross between a whale and a guppy making them the smallest whale species.

2. Armored Shark - A shark with lobster armor! It has, like, 4 fins! Cool!

3. Wild Sushi - Just slice and serve fresh!

4. Cela (see-lah) - The Cela are simlar to mermaids, but with a squid-like tentacle instead of a fish tail. Unlike their mermaid cousins, the Cela are not spiteful but instead a curious and inquisitive race.

June 14, 2007

fish littles

Howdy everyone, Sophorn here. Hey, Nelson, thanks for the invite!...
This is me aqua-tune things or guys. They are small and they fight and kill guppies, then wear them on their heads. Rusted nails are their choice of weapons because it cuts and cause infections. That's it.

I kinda started out with this drawing... but I liked the colored cartoon above better, I think it's funner (is this even a word) and more risky.

Exercise 01: Ends Friday 06/15


Thanks so much for participating/contributing to the Creation Engines blog. So stoked that you guys got into it and by the awesomeness of the art... The first exercise Sea Creatures/Superheroes ends this Friday 06/15. We'll have a new set of drawing exercises to work on. Check back on/after Friday for the new subjects, until then keep those critters coming in...

Nelson & Jaimé
This is a sketch of an endangered fish known as Humongas balloonius- The most lazy fish on the planet, it inflates these balloons attached to its back to float near the surface of the water where it leaves its mouth open to eat. This fish commonly attracts parasites to inhabit its mouth to feed off its remnants. Due to evolution, its fins have been vestigal and small.

the Sweet & the Sublime

Two sketches I did of sea creatures. Since I did an aggressive animal already, "JellyShark", I wanted to work on a) a cute one "Sea-Pup" b) an exotic one "Mope-Fish". Kinda inspired by the shapes of a Manatee as well as well as a Turtle's fins.

Oogliatus timidemus

Oogliatus timidemus-sometimes known as Sushiagus Poisani. An ugly fish-like creature, it is constantly on the look out for predators, including fisherman who love the taste of this fish but is extremely fatal if prepared with salt, but if not, then can be enjoyed at fine gatherings. It keeps its legs throughout its life, and has option of crawling on the bottom of the sea or hover with its airplane like fins.

heroes of the day

Sea Creature of the Night