June 24, 2007


Figured people might start thinking I’m a waste of an invite and just trying to ride the success of the amazing work on this blog, so I decided to take a few minutes and draw something for my first post. Been real busy these last 2 weeks but rest assured, I am working on some more stuff for this challenge. And again, a lot of amazing and diverse stuff, guys(and gals)!.


Nelson Hernandez said...

Hey Jodie, welcome to posting on the blog! Cute little drawing, nice to see some humorous takes on the project. I checked out your blog and liked the movie poster thumbnails that you worked on. In both examples, I like the ones in the bottom right... the compositions are the strongest and I like the ominous feel they both have. good job. anyhow, hope there is more to come from you. Thanks for posting!


Andrew Harkins said...

JODIE! Nice to see you on here. Nice start...can't wait to see more stuff!

Jaime Ramirez said...

LOL, poor horse. Thanks for posting. Great work.