June 30, 2007

Exercise 03: Transformers!!!, Chase Scene!!!

Thank you so much for participating/contributing to the Creation Engines blog. I hope you guys are having fun and getting inspired. All the artwork is amazing!!!

Here are the Exercises for the next two weeks. (Ends 7/13/2007)

1. Tranformers: Design an Original Transformer
a. Based on your own vehicle (Include picture of your car if you like with your drawing)
b. Completely original design (Your favorite car, animal, object, etc.)

2. Chase Scene: Thanks to Rebecca S. Boensch for the exercise idea:

"I think we should create some sort of chase scene. this idea was inspired by my latest desktop image- there's this cute lil inuit chick on an old scooter pursued by a pack of angry mechanical apes. intriguing, i know... anyway, we could use characters from past subjects, for ex- your superhero hiding from a group of adoring fans. or maybe design a new character; simply a kid running away from home. what kind of twist can we put on the old cat and mouse?"

Keep up the Awesome work everyone!!!

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Nelson Hernandez said...

Also, thanks Pat Roth for the added tweak of basing it on your own vehicle!