June 28, 2007

Line Breaker (Space Trooper) & Spacecraft

Hey Guys! Alright I finally colored the Linebreaker. Now he's ready to crack some skulls in the frontline. Here's a spaceship design I've been workin on also. I wish I was more confident in my graphic design. Cause then I would design an emblem or something to put on that "empty looking" side of the ship. OH WELL! Hope to get crackin on the next project woot woot!


Miss Lee said...

Wow! That's amazing Lawrence!! Man I wish one day I will draw and color like you :D!

Tony Bui said...

Damn! Skills. Your stuff is looking sweeter than ever.

Nelson Hernandez said...

dude, someday you gotta sit down with me & show me how to do convincing textures... you did a nice job on these two. love the look of these two. the bottom one looks practically like a 3D model


LampshadeMan said...

Man that is awesome painting job from the original drawing, and I like how heavy the weapon is portayed. Looks like it would be a bitch to carry that around but well worth it if it hits someone!

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the spaceship was a 3d model.