November 19, 2007


Hey Guys! I don't know which of you remember this show, but if you do, remember when you watched this show and a new nintendo would come out or a new accessory, and then you would think to yourself "what if Captain N had that". Well here he is ready to take on Video Land with some tasty upgrades. A larger Zapper, Superscope (cannon), POWERGLOVE, DS belt buckle and the Wii nunchuck to take on the villians of Video Land.


Gary G said...


Leo Braz said...

You know, I'd have worried this kind of reference would be lost on ya'll!

Thanks for makin me feel younger.

Liquid said...

(Oo) Leavin' some stones to let you know that I have visited. Have a happy Thanksgiving and know that I have counted you as one of my blessings!