September 25, 2007

Well, my current project has become more of a lesson in color and lighting instead of it's intended environment modeling challenge. If it looks familiar it's because I'm using Lauren Reeser's donut shop exercise for concept (with her consent, of course!). I've gotta put this on hold for a bit while I move, so I thought I'd get some fresh eyes to help me contemplate my next move. The textures are still in an early pass, so any feedback concerning the lighting and mood would be absoludicrously marvelous.


Nigel Li said...

Most of the angles are very linear, it could be intensional but seems to always be that way when it comes to a maya snapshot. I like how you use purple in teh bg and yellow for the lighting, though it would be great if there was actually purple and yellow on the donut shop it self.

Also, from seeing alot of un-lite sets, it really helps to consider the lighting b4 you texture. Whats the mood of the environment rather than just this piece it self. The over all feel with how everything works with each other is probably the hardest thing.

For me, this looks like a small victorian house that is trapped in the urban city. I would suggest to add more elements that would be there. a car, trees, sewer, person for size (maybe). Also consider the weather, is it windy, is it sunset, is the light of the sun shinning through the trees and buildings?

haha, i swear i sounded like courtney for a second. Hope this helps man!

Leo Braz said...

Nigel! Thanks for feedback dude! Don't worry, you wont resemble Courtney until you start goin 'round chasing little boys...

I kid, I kid... Gawd, you're so sensitive! :P

But seriously though, I was kinda attempting to get an dusky feel to it, and I did light it before texture. I just threw it in there to make sure the local colors were working with the environment.

I do plan on adding other props to make this place look more lived in, this is still an early pass.
And yes, you're right. It is rather linear. I'll make sure the props add some organic forms to the mix, as I am trying to keep the buildings as low-poly as posible.

Thanks again dude!

Nelson Hernandez said...

I like the complementary color lighting scheme, as well as the overall direction of the lighting you're goinf towards. I'd really like to see more texture, especially on that wall right in front of us on the left. looks really good! I dig the tectures of the painted wood & shingles on the "boulangerie." don't know crap about Maya, but I I know when I like what I see... Would love to see how far you can take this.


Claire Marshall said...

Hey Leo, Nice stuff! Would you like to add your stuff to the SJSU 3d blog as well?

Lauren Reeser said...

DUDE! IT LOOKS SWEEEEET! I can't wait to see it when complete! I'm still so very flattered!