June 1, 2007

IDEATIONS : Heroes/Sea Creatures -- nelly

Starting the Sea Creature process. Again, just exploring before I decide on my direction. Same with this 2nd pass at the heroes. Though, they do look kinda villainous 'cause of the shapes. Eh, no one is 100% good... Just developing further.


Lawrence Caces said...

NELLY!!! Lovin the spider guy. Reminds me a little bit of a robotic spiderman. Personally I would like to see more development on that character, (like different gadgets). I think he's the strongest. But the unknown soldier looks awesome too. JUST KEEP FIRING IT UP MY FRIEND! LOVIN IT!

Andrew Bosley said...

Hey Nelson,

Cool concepts! I love the whale shark creature in the middle! Very interesting idea and cool shape! Hope all is well.