June 6, 2007

Welcome! exercise 01...

This is the first exercises that we are posting. There are two to work from. Please feel free to participate and do either or both. These first exercises will last two weeks starting today, June 1st. At the end of the two weeks, we'll have another pair to work on. If you are interested in participating or have any ideas for future exercises, just contact us. Have a fun, stress-free time with these guys:

1) Design an Underwater Creature(s). The creature can be real or imaginary.
2) Create a Super Hero. Just make sure it's an original creation.

For these exercises, you can do them in any style realistic or cartoony, just have fun with them. Take it to whatever finish state you'd like over the two weeks. The development process is up to you. Remember: Have fun!

1 comment:

Lauren Reeser said...

Wow, guys, what a great idea! Thanks for the invite! --Lauren