July 12, 2007

In progress: Batblade (tentative but obviously irresistable title)

First pass and ideations:

This autobot is based on my beloved 2001 Toyota Celica, which I nicknamed the Batmobile because Batman rocks and the car has been my trusty ride through all the girls I have never been with. I have been working on this idea for awhile and have not had time to finish it yet but I figured I'd post what I have and post the finished drawings later despite the due date of this exercise. This is my progress so far:

The concept I have for this particular autobot is that he is more of a stealth attack robot, a ninja. He is slightly smaller than other transformers, more aero-dynamically designed and is therefore quicker and quieter (for a big ass clunky transformer). I gave him a slight indication of bat ears as an homage to the Dark Knight and also thought it be ass kicking to weaponize the windshield wipers in the form of slicing blades when he is in robot mode. Also in robot mode, the windows serve as arm guards. I also imagined him having the ability to glide via the wheels intergrated into the design of his feet (which have a ninja-influenced design as well).

Second version:

This version is is designed with more influence from the '80s transformers cartoon, but still contemporized. I like it better in that it is sleeker, but I kinda miss the clunky transformer legs from the first pass, because transformers are rather boxy or bulky. I hope to clean up this drawing and perhaps color it soon.


Tony Bui said...

I love the 2nd version. Kicks some sweet ass. And it looks like a Celica, too.

Gary G said...

yea I agree with Tony. Great Ideation, any one of them would be a great piece.

Nelson Hernandez said...

Mr. Rule,

In light of your descrip, I think that the bottom transformer is more in line. He looks more sleek & stealthy, while the other one looks more bulky & "girthy." I could see the bottom one moving really fast maybe if the legs were a little leaner though as opposed to a clunky leg like the original Transformers.

I like that you are thinking specifically the 90s version. Nice job, he definetely looks sleeker, & hey, now you have one more week!!! Paint that sucker!!!


LampshadeMan said...

It is about time someone came along and combined Batman and Transformers! I for one, always thought the 2 franchises were missing something. Sir, you have discovered the missing component! Well thought out design, man and I like the thumbnail sketches too, and yeah, Hernandez is right if you are going for a ninja look, go with the small feet.

Chris said...

So good, Jan. I'm feelin it. I like that 2nd version and I love how the wheels fit in at the knees. I never knew what to do with the wheels. I think I'll make my wheels the ass cheeks.

Nelson Hernandez said...

Chris Palmer, you are one sassy dude. Welcome back Janny, & you know the deadline has been extended one week...? That means you too Jaimé.