August 11, 2007

Exercise 05: Aliens & A Tribute to your Favorite...

Hello everybody, hope you are all doing well. The blog hasn't been very active lately and that is OK. Hope you are all enjoying your summer. I understand that we are all busy with work, trying to find work, enjoying summer, life, etc. but just a reminder that these drawings exercises are for fun, they can be any style or level of finish. I encourage everyone to at least post to one of the exercises. Hope you guys enjoy the next exercises and get inspired. Also if you have any ideas for future exercises feel free to email Nelson or Jaime. Also thanks to the blog visitors who have stopped by and left their kind and encouraging words. :)

Here are the Exercises for the next two weeks. (Ends 8/24/2007)

It has been 60 years since the U.F.O crash incident near Roswell, New Mexico. Imagine yourself being there and witnessing the event before your very eyes. You have seen the crash in the desert and you have also made an encounter with actual Alien life forms. What did the crash site, the U.F.O, and the aliens all look like?

1.) Aliens: Design what you think an alien life form looks like. This can be a redesign of the cliché "Grey" alien or something completely new. What was the alien’s personality? Were they mean, friendly, etc.? What did the U.F.O and the crash site look like? When did the crash occur? Was it during the day, night, afternoon? (Can be character design, U.F.O design, a story beat, visual development, and anything else you wish.)

Growing up we have all at some point or another been inspired by our favorite athletes, sports team, singers, artists, actors and actresses, or anyone else living or dead. This is your chance to make a tribute to that person or persons that have inspired you or influenced you in some way. (Thanks to Nigel for the exercise idea of having a favorite athlete and sports team.)

2.) Tribute: Make a tribute to your favorite athlete, singer, artist, actor/actress or anyone else living or dead. (Can be a portrait, a painting, a collage, and anything else you wish)

Have fun everyone :)


Nelson Hernandez said...

Very nice post, Hi-meh...


Nigel Li said...

w3rd, i will definitely pay a tribute to this one. perhaps "Prince"....anyone???

Claire Marshall said...

These are some really great challenges you guys are coming up with!