October 13, 2007

HAUNTED... ends 11/04

Its that time of year again, everyone's favorite holiday: when ghouls & ghosts come out and raise hell and make the world a frighful place, its HALLOWEEN! So for the next three weeks, pull out your eye of newt, breath of toad, & skin of bat to conjure up some hair-raising creations:

1. Design, Re-design, or Create a New "Classic Movie/Fiction Monster." Put your spin on a favorite monster, or one that had you shivering in your boots as a little kid, and go to town on it. And yup, that last one was intended as an oxymoron, create a "NEW" classic.

2. Design a Haunted Mansion, Castle, Car or whatever. Anything goes, as you get to create the spookiest or most ridiculous haunted inanimate object ever.

Happy Haunting....