December 27, 2007

Sinister Six

Because I've never loaded anything onto this site, and I felt like drawing the Sinister Six.

Can someone give this a mean critique? I mean a vicious, merciless, Dr. Octopus-cruel crit?


Januel Mercado said...

"Oh no the sinister six are running amuck, this looks like a job for The Green Lantern or possibly... Ghost Rider!"

"How about Superman?"


Jackson said...

Aiden's on here! It's great to see some work from you. I won't be as merciless as Doc Oc for the crit, but here it goes. Overall, the composition is good, but the first thing I start to look at is Beast's arms. His right arm really throws me off. A lot of the characters hands have a very even quality to them. Put a lot of variety in hands. If you could push the Sandman's hands, it would give the piece even more excitement. Also, really play with the fact that he's forming out of sand. Another thing to look out for is some of the drapery. The shadowing on Docs right arm has a frazzled quality to it. Keep it simple. I really like the shadowing on his left arm. It looks like it's lit beautifully. I like that you pushed the poses here, but push them even more. I hope this helps. It's great to see your work here.

John-Paul Balmet said...

Mr. Casserly! I was wondering when you would finally grace us with your genius!

I am going to give you my meanist crit...not because you asked for it, but because I am a horrible person and enjoy seeing others suffer! Okay...not really, but since you asked for the worst, here it is:

I think you have a lot of good and bad things happening here. Jackson was right about variation on the hands, but also think about design variations. These are pretty classic interpretations of the characters that when you look at them don't neccessarily catch the eye design-wise. You could really use that creativity and wildness you do so well to invent some truly Aiden interpretations. The one that really stands out as weak to me is the character in the lower left. He is in a pretty static pose with some boring symmetry and a sort of bland look on his face. If he's electric, make him as wild as electricity itself, or if you want to go a different route, at least make him look like he is a villain harnessing that power instead of a guy giving himself a hug. You have great character in the other poses.

Overall, I would say try and push the "finess" of your finish. Keep in mind all that stuff about contrast and cal-state cool. There are some instances of repeated shapes like the biceps and deltoids that create boring rhythms of circles. Straights vs curves and all of that. I see that the thinking is there, and it's really great thinking, but a little more time on the finish and you would be gold. As mentioned I think by Jackson, the lighting in the composition seems to come from everywhere. Pick a main source, light for that, then add accents as needed to plus it, but don't loose sight of the whole.

Well, I have rambled on for probably too long, and hopefully I wasn't a complete jerk. You know I always love your stuff, and I will be stoked to see your next installment!