January 21, 2008


A sneaky preview of the upcoming "Monsters & Creature Designs" section of aidancasserly.com.
I really need everyone to give me some hard critiques. Go for it. Rip in. Make those ACME guys look like girl scouts. Make Bunny look like a bunny.


Amie said...

I like, I like...These are great.

blork said...

yes these are nice. but dude, stay on topic. its future cityscapes and self portraits. are you going to just keep posting whatever you want on here?

jehan said...

aidan the coloring job on the top piece is freakin righteous. i love how you handled it. since you said be mean, i'll say that I think the gradiant on the sky and the stars makes the piece look a little cheap.. like clip art.

but still a very badass piece

John-Paul Balmet said...

I agree with Jehan. Also, I think the monsters are handled with so much care that the people in the two images look like an afterthought. With everything else done well, the people sort of throw me off. Otherwise, cool!

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Nelson Hernandez said...

I like the top one. It reminds me of Sauron from the X-Men. It looks like comic-book art. The bottom one is kinda, "Where the Wild Things Are," only "cooler." heh-heh. I like its lighting but think the values could be pushed a little.