June 21, 2008

#18: Summer Movie Reviews


1)Draw a picture making a reference to a movie you have seen recently and state whether or not we should "SEE IT" or "SKIP IT" This is your chance to let us know what you think about the films you have seen lately.

2)Draw "what would you have done to make the movie better?": This is your chance to add/fix a scene, re-design of clothing/look of a character, new character/set, etc.

The movies don't have to be currently out in theaters, they just have
to be movies you have seen recently (movies that you have seen before but just watched again are also acceptable). Also, this might be a buzzkill, but try your best not to put spoilers from the movies with your artwork, in case any of us haven't seen the movies.

Have fun everyone!

Ends 7/25/08

Thanks to Januel Mercado for coming up with these great topics.

Have a great summer and fourth of July weekend everyone:)

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