October 18, 2008

Cryptozoology: The Yeti

artist depiction of Yeti's surprise visit to mountain campsite.

AKA: the Abominable Snow-Man. home turf: the Himalayas. favorite food: people.
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New Topic on Monday... :)


Dada Hyena said...

I really do thing us folks who love the whole Creation Engines thing should be giving each other critiques on our artwork; after all, we're certainly used to it by now. With that said, I'm going to nitpick Senor Hernandez' Yeti, in particular the third picture. I can see you have the inverted-arch back like a gorilla, but watch the structure of the back legs. You have them sticking out sideways, like a crab, but gorillas don't do that. Their legs go forward, just like ours (granted, they're sprawled just a bit to make room for their big ol' bellies!). Now that I think of it, I don't think a gorilla-angle is the best way to go; gorillas actually do very little climbing and this is a beast who should be built to live on cliffsides and does most of his locomotion straight up (hey hey!). Check out orangutans instead, they're built more for this type of lifestyle.

Nelson Hernandez said...

Thanks Aiden. Good stuff. I really appreciate the feedback as I think it is very helpful.

I'm kinda split on critiquing - though I'm not saying I'm against it -. Jaime and I have discussed this and our main focus for this blog of ours is to have fun, let it all out, do whatever the fuck we weren't allowed to do while at school.

We wouldn't want anyone to be afraid that his/her work wouldn't be good enough or be judged. But hey, this is just what we set out to do from the get go. I'm gonna continue to post, and I don't mind a critique, but I just don't want anyone to hold back from any idea that he or she had 'cause they didn't think it was "good enough."

Curious if anyone else has an opinion on the matter. Otherwise: thanks for the feedback and I'll take your suggestions and apply it 'cause I really want to make this a portfolio piece, er wait a minute, you're not John Ramirez. Am I even on camera?!?

- Nelly

Dada Hyena said...

Definitely good points; I can think of more than one occasion when I felt a bit rancorous after receiving a tough crit. But still, I have yet to see one cruel comment on this blog, and the majority of critiques that go on have been helpful. I did a Sinister Six post a year ago (yeah, I like the Sinister Six, we get the message) and got a lot of constructive feedback, especially from Jehan and JP, and felt that we could really use a community where potential portfolio pieces could receive advice. I guess the only fair solution is to only give critiques to the people who ask for them (or just create a whole different blog designed specifically for critiques and nitpicks). Remember, despite the occasional griping and groaning, we really are looking out for each other, and the fact that the program's biggest pariah is saying this must mean something.

Jaime Ramirez said...

Some great points overall. Many of the posts are just done for fun with no intention of being a portfolio piece (i.e. my Captain America piece, i would never put that in a portfolio) but I think if someone is aiming for a portfolio piece and wants to be critiqued then this is a great blog to do it in. I would just say for the person to put a note that they would like a critique. :)

Jaime Ramirez said...

Awesome man! I love the movement on the top painted piece. I would have shat my pants if I was in that campsite.