October 9, 2009

The decline of America!!!

A lot of people are saying that with Disney's purchase of Marvel, Disney is going to ruin Marvel and make it kid friendly. I'm going to have to go against the grain and say that Marvel is going to ruin those good old wholesome American values that our dear Walt here,

fought hard to instill in young boys and girls. When historians look back at the reasons for the decline of America, they won't look at the subprime mortgage crisis or the stock market, they will look at the purchase of Marvel Comics by Disney.

Disclaimer: I saw my friend, Dwight has posted a sweet Spider Goof and I figured I better contribute something before I get voted off the island. The mickey and pluto one, which was the original inspiration for this post was done a long time ago, I just added the marvel comics on it to make it relevant so I could post something for this topic. Then I read on yahoo, and saw a story about a 7 year old blind boy who sees with his ears(didn't know you could do that), and that's how the other one came to be. I'll do another one when I get some time.