July 18, 2007


Hey y'al, sorry it's been awhile and I haven't been posting. This is 'Seta', he transforms into the BMW Isetta vehicle (see photo). He's not very large of course, but he's very quick and and tends to be rather reckless. I don't know about the yellow, but it is a 'friendly' color and he's definitely an autobot.


Nelson Hernandez said...

Yellow is cool... BumbleBee was yellow and he kicked ass. Amie, so glad you posted; looks great. More on the modern tip. Do you have time to paint it before Friday?

Amie Chan said...

I try to find time to color it by friday. :)

Ariel Alvarez said...

This looks like a transformer version of you.....so that would make me an SUV. To keep proportions correct, you know.