July 19, 2007

Transformer chase

I wanted to do a chase with the transformer I did, so here he is chasing some GI's through a European town during WW2. I won't have time to finish this up but I think the loose look is good enough for now, sorta like a color key type of thing.


Nelson Hernandez said...

Absolutely, fuckin' S-I-C-K!!! Great lighting, I dig it, awesome effects... what else can I say... I'm building a shrine to you Ariel!


Chris said...

alright, Ariel. Damn you. Time to take out my Band of Brothers DVDs and start pretending the Panzer is in the battle scenes.

simply amazing!

Miss Lee said...

Doode, that is just absolutely amazing! I didn't comment on your transformer one before because not only was I too in awe of it, but everyone already said everything that I thought of it haha. But this one I have to say...great job, just too cool! :)

jehan said...

ariel is a machine!

or should i say, a robot in disguise

Jake Panian said...

i really like this! :)
above all, i like the shapes you've broken everything down to... and the composition you've placed them in

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous !!