February 29, 2008

Every Beast Needs a Master

Here is the final painting for the Beast of Burden challenge. I also did the rider since I thought he would be fun to work on.


Nelson Hernandez said...


Nothing like a stomping by a Triceratops to ruin your day. Nice warrior as well. Man, what are they feeding you guys over at EA? You guys continue to impress & inspire. Great job.

Lawrence Caces said...

JP!! have you been reading alotta comics lately? The coloring of your character looks totally out of a comic book. You have inspired me to try to paint like that on my next project! WHOOOO! I think there's something in the water at redwood city, cause everyone there rocks hard!!

Leo Braz said...

Dude, I'm not one for such words, but I believe that this is very much a WICKED piece.