February 29, 2008

A Magical set of artists

So I just got back from the local comic shop, and look what I found in my magical pack of Magic: the Gathering cards. O snap! Look at that art, so impressive.


Jackson said...

This is too cool! Well done Mr. Jehan. By the way, your piece in this is sick!

Lawrence Caces said...

HAHAHAHAH, maaan I am so jealous I wasn't able to make a piece for this challenge. I WANT A MAGIC CARD!

Nelson Hernandez said...


Jaime Ramirez said...


Laura Lee said...

Hahaha this is so awesome!

Jan: "Hey Laura, have you ever played Magic: The Gathering?"
Laura: "Yea a little bit, why?"
Jan: "Check this out"
*Laura looks*
Laura: "Cool, Magic cards. Ah I've always liked their art"
Jan: "Haha look closer"
Laura: "What!! These are the art from Creation Engines! Soooo cooool!!! I totally thought they were official!"

Hahaha. Awesome work guys, they are so professional! I'm so impressed! :D Jehan, you fooled me! Great job! :P

Lauren Reeser said...

AWESOME, Jehan! Just awesome :-)

Andrew Harkins said...

With these cards, I can't lose!!!...right? oh hell who am I kidding I've never played Magic. Should I just turn in my Nerd Card now or is next week ok?

jehan said...

sorry harkins, nerd card, now.

me and JP really freakin love your art on this card, it looks totally old school magic. =) dolphin power

Ariel Alvarez said...

aw man, these are great! "dryden the elder" so good.